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Hi I'm Andrew Starr Witness - self-confessed Beatles' nut and lover of all things music.


Writing songs is my passion.

I received, as a 6 year old in 1963, a copy of The Beatles' "Twist And Shout" e.p. It proved to be the start of a lifelong love of not only the Fab Four, but pop music. I received my first guitar at age 11 and learned some chords, bought some sheet music and played ! Around 17 years of age, I started writing some songs (which were rather primitive), but kept at it. My debut "performance" was a very shaky "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town", a Kenny Rogers hit, nervously played to a packed lounge at The Sundeck Hotel in Perisher Valley ski resort in 1972. Terrified but not put off, I learned as many songs as I could over the ensuing years, leading me to solo, duo and band gigs - a great joy.


My introduction to recording


came in 1984 when I met up with


a young guitarist/would-be


Producer named Mark Fitchett. He was a Canadian living in LA and he welcomed me to his humble studio in Hermosa Beach, California and set about recording about 8 demos. The bug well and truly bit and I've spent I've since spent many hours over the years in various studios trying to get the right production, whilst always learning from the producers and engineers. Fast forward to 1991 and I purchased my own little recording studio set-up and began making backing tracks for live gigs and recording some very average quality original demos. With the improvement in technology and my skills, a far more sophisticated set-up developed and today I can showcase all songs recorded with me in the Producer's chair. (See Menu item "The Singles" on this website. 

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