starr witness


A "Surf Rock"song to kick-start the 2021/2022 Summer !

Newly recorded


Thank you - over 45,500 views on Youtube so far


A calypso style "dance" beat version of an iconic Beatles' classic "Hey Jude".

A song that brings multiple generations together.

Perfect for a 2022 bride at her wedding dancing with her Grandfather, or groom with his Grandmother !

 Returning December 2021 solo SHOW !

starr witness (36).png

Starr Witness (solo), presents the songs of
The Beatles with a self-designed backing track - a sometimes stripped back, mashed-up, remixed performance that is tantalisingly intimate. He interacts with the audience, recounting his personal "Beatles" experiences... whilst asking you about yours ! Hear some facts and details from behind the scenes whilst The Beatles video collage scrolls slowly on the screen behind. Hear their songs...from a different angle !